Golf Club

Our camp, 4 holes + driving range, surrounded by the Lunigiana countryside, is developed along the Verde River and is set against the medieval town of Pontremoli.

We define ourselves as a beginner course, on vacation since we are the best learning conditions: in absolute tranquillity, under the supervision of a professional, you can improve your performance or to try for the first time to approach this wonderful sport suitable for all ages.

You’re not sure that the game of golf is able to inspire you ? You think it is reserved for the few because very expensive ? In fact, it is an extremely relaxing and engaging sport that will allow you to be in direct contact with nature and meet people who, like you, appreciate “ the Countrylife ” As for the cost, we organize courses for beginners at reasonable prices with a teacher who will follow you from the first time you try to grip a club until the preparation of the tenders where, surely, in a short time, you will be able to participate.

Special Offers