The Apennine National Park has just been created and contains a very varied flora and fauna: from the golden eagle to the Apennine wolf.

The regional park of the Apuan Alps with its marble mountains and karst caves. The protected area of the Magra river, an ideal habitat for kingfishers, herons and many other water birds. In these parks we can walk on the 205 km of paths or take the long "Trekking Lunigiana" trail, a large ring that allows you to cross the valley encountering ancient bridges, pastures, chestnut groves and castles.

All along the way you will find 14 "stage places" where you can sleep, eat and visit small churches and medieval villages. Another opportunity is offered by the G.E.A. (Grande Escursione Appenninica) which has been equipped and created by CAI, in collaboration with the Tuscany Region and the Mountain Communities concerned, with the aim of walking through forests, wide green meadows, treading ancient mule tracks, among medieval villages.

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