Experience Lunigiana

Lunigiana is, for those who want to explore it, a small treasure chest of exciting surprises.

Following the Tuscan-Emilian ridge you can admire boundless views, descend to the beaches of the Gulf of Poets or walk in the presence of the great walls of the Apuan Alps, or immerse yourself in the silent woods of the Ligurian Apennines, passing in a few hours from the fragrant Mediterranean scrub to the enveloping beech woods of the "highlands", from the colourful flowers of the pastures to the solitary peaks caressed by the wind.

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    The best way to fully enjoy the natural and artistic beauty of Lunigiana is by trekking. Surrounded by the Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco-emiliano, the Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane, and two protected natural areas along the Fiume Magra, between Filattiera, Terrarossa and Aulla, Lunigiana offers the best conditions for walking on little-used paths that offer beautiful views and incredible natural scenery, but also for discovering small villages where time has stood still.

    For those who want to visit Lunigiana in perfect autonomy, we recommend downloading the App "Lunigiana world".

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    Mountain Bike

    Going through the woods on dirt tracks, at the edge of orchards or at the edge of the snow, along the rivers and streams of Lunigiana, silently: it is a new way of conquering nature, not to dominate it but to enjoy it and let yourself be transformed.

    The mountain bike routes we propose are tested by experts and accompanied by technical data, altimetry, detailed maps and descriptions.

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    Museum and Castle

    Lunigiana is a region rich in history. A transit area, due to its proximity to Northern Italy and the sea, it is dotted with historical testimonies of first importance. The main feature is the legacy of its castles, but also of the numerous Romanesque churches and parish churches that can be found along the Via Francigena.

    The memory of the people of Lunigiana can be found in the museums in the territory, such as the Museum of the Stele Statues in Pontremoli, the Ethnographic Museum of Lunigiana in Villafranca, the Museum of Natural History of Lunigiana in Aulla, the Museum of Emigration of the People of Tuscany in Lusuolo.

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    A stone's throw from the sea
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