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Massage is a subtle art: it is not just about technical skill, but rather about love. Through it, new feelings are perceived and created.

Too often we tend to be afraid to touch each other. Research is increasingly demonstrating the extraordinary effectiveness of physical contact, on which massage is based. Recent research has shown that massage has lifted the spirits of many patients and accelerated their recovery. It has been scientifically proven that stroking a pet has a relaxing effect and lowers blood pressure. The same happens with people during massage.

Massage can be stimulating or relaxing, depending on the speed and depth of the movements. That is why massage can make you feel both energetic and fit and relaxed and sleepy. It can ease tension, get rid of headaches, relax tense and aching muscles and banish insomnia. Above all, it provides optimal conditions for psycho-physical recovery, inducing a sense of well-being.

  • Hot stone massage

    Hot Stone Massage is based on the traditions of the Arizona Indians, who used hot stone massages to cure themselves, since the stones, which have stored thousands of years of changes and have the power of mother Earth in them, also have therapeutic virtues. In Stone Massage, black, basalt and volcanic stones are used, soaked in warm draining essential oils. The treatment consists of applying the heated stones to various parts of the body, combined with a massage. The stones, due to their thermal inertia, release heat very slowly and the parts concerned acquire it, which, combined with the massage, brings considerable benefits to the body: increased blood circulation, alleviation of any muscular pains and relaxation of the main internal systems. Another obvious benefit is the regeneration of tissues, which are drained, toned and smoothed.

    60"   70

  • Candle massage

    It stimulates all 5 senses and has a relaxing, moisturising and decontracting effect.

    The Candle Massage is one of the latest developments in relaxation massage. You let yourself be pampered by the pleasant sensation of the drops of light and fluid vegetable butter that, slowly heated by the flame, reaches your skin with a gentle warmth, dissolving tensions, giving pleasure, restoring tone and vigour to the body, freeing it from stress and fatigue and recharging it with well-being.

    60"   70

  • Decontracting massage

    Its purpose is to release muscle contractures. It involves the manipulation of precise areas depending on the area affected by the contracture. It eases muscle tension, reduces pain and speeds up recovery times.

    60"   80

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

    Used in both medicine and aesthetics, it speeds up the metabolism, eliminates excess fluid (cellulite), and has a positive effect on swollen legs, stomach and ankles.

    It is performed through spiral movements, with very delicate manoeuvres.

    60"   70

  • Swedish Massage

    It is characterised by the execution of different but very precise manipulations (touching, rubbing, kneading, friction, percussion) of more or less high intensity.

    Its characteristic is to be at the same time decontracting, relaxing and toning.

    60"   60

  • Massaggio Relax

    Through multiple movements aimed at restoring tone and vigour, it decreases muscle tension, aids blood circulation and toxin drainage. During the massage, the body and mind enter a state of total relaxation.

    60"   60

  • Holistic Massage

    It is a body manipulation technique that aims to restore well-being in individuals as a whole, restoring balance and harmony to body and mind..

    60"   70

  • Reiki

    It is an ancient spiritual discipline whose aim is to treat disorders and illnesses by rebalancing life energy.

    60"   50

  • Balinese Massage

    This is a massage that combines various techniques that work on both the physiological and emotional levels. It is a true "ritual", which begins with a foot bayh and ends with a slow and gentle massage of the hair and scalp.


  • Reflexology

    It is an ancient Chinese manipulation technique, one of the oldest systems to restore and stimulate the body's energy flow, rebalancing the functioning of organs and apparatuses, working on the reflex zones of the foot.

    For its ability to relax body and mind it helps to eliminate stress.

    30"   40

  • Kobido Massage (Face)

    The massage of eternal youth. An ancient Japanese ritual. An anti-ageing facial massage that produces a visible lifting effect from the very first treatment.

    60"   70