Massage is a fine art. It's not just about technical abilty, but also about love. By means of it one can perceive and create new feelings. Too many times we fear to touch one another, however recent research shows the extraordinary effectiveness of physical contact and how massages can relieve patients' spirit accelerating recovery periods. It has also been proved that stroking a domestic animal has a relaxing effect and can lower one's pressure. The same thing happens to people when they receive a massage. A massage can be stimulating or relaxing according to the rapidity and the intensity of its movements. This is why a massage can make you feel active and fit or sleepy and relaxed. It can reduce tension, get rid of headaches and insomnia, relax tense, achey muscles. Above all a massage can provide the best conditions in order to favour psychophisycal recovery inducing a great feeling of wellness.

  • Massage 3
    Hot stone massage

    The hot stone massage is based on the american Indians' traditions from Arizona who used to cure themselves by massaging their bodies with hot stones. It is believed that stones contain milleniums of changements as well as the power of Mother Earth and therfore have therapeutic virtues. For the stone massage, vulcanic basalt black stones, soaked with warm draining essential oils are used. The treatment consists in applying warm stones on different parts of the body with specific massages and movements. Due to their thermal inertia, the stones slowly release the heat to the body which absorbes it which, combined to the massage, brings considerable benefits to your body: increase of blood circulation, softening of muscolar pains ad relaxation of the main internal apparatus.

    60"   70

  • Massage 4
    Candle Massage

    The candle massage stimulates all five senses providing a relaxing and hydrating action to the body. This massage is one of the latest innovation in terms of relaxation. Let your body be pampered by the pleasant sensation of soft, creamy drops melting on your skin from a lit vegetable butter candle. The warm drops reach the skin dissolving tension, bringing pleasantness, restoring tone and energy to the muscles, releasing from stress and fatigue as well as recharging the body of wellness..

    60"   70

  • Massage 5
    Decontracting Massage

    The decontracting massage has the aim to relieve contracted muscles. It consists in manipulating specific body areas according to the contracture. This massage relaxes muscular tension, reduces pain and accelerates recovery periods.

    60"   80

  • Massage 6
    Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    The lymphatic drainage massage is used for beauty and medical purposes. It can accelerate metabolism, eliminate excess liquids (cellulite) and it has a positive effect on swollen legs, abdomen and ankles.

    60"   70

  • Massage 7
    Swedish Massage

    The swedish massage is characterised by several precise manipulations (light touch, rubbing, kneading, friction, percussion) of different intensity. The swedish massage is relaxing, decontracting and invigorating.

    60"   60

  • Massage 8
    Relaxation Massage

    Thanks to a varaiety of different movements aimed to bring tone and energy to the muscles, the relaxing massage reduces muscular tension, helps blood circulation and the drainage of toxins. During this massage, your body and mind will enter a status of full relaxation.

    60"   60

  • Massage 9
    Holistic Massage

    The holistic massage is a special technique of manupulating the body with the aim of bringing global wellness to individuals by restoring harmony and equilibrium to body and mind.

    60"   70

  • Massage 10

    Reiki is an ancient spiritual discipline with the aim to treat disorders and illnesses by rebalancing vital energy.

    60"   50

  • Massage 11
    Foot Reflexology

    Plantar reflexology is an antique chinese manipulation technique, it's one the eldest ways to stimulate and restore the energetic flow of the organism by rebalancing the function of organs and the apparatus through the massage of specific reflexive areas of the feet. Thanks to its ability of relaxing body and mind, the plantar massage helps to get rid of stress.

    30"   40

  • Massage 12
    Kobido Massage (Face)

    The kobido face massage is the eternal youth masage. This antique japanese ritual consists in an anti-age face massage producing a lifting effect already visible at first treatment.

    60"   70

  • Massage 13
    Ayurvedic Massage

    The Ayurvedic massage is a traditional Indian massage. It's an authentic natural treatment that thanks to specific oils makes your skin soft and glowing by gently loosening tension and stiffness of the body.

    60"   70

  • Massage 14
    Berber Massage

    The Berber massage is an integral part of the Hammam ritual typical of the Arabian world. The constant gentle movements of this massage have a positive effect on blood circulation as well as dissolving muscular tensions and relaxing the mind. This massage is carryed out with pure argan oil and other mediterranean essences like orange, mint, rosemary and lavanda.

    60"   70

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