Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre represent one of the most uncontaminated and semi-natural Mediterranean areas in Liguria; this is due mainly to historical and geomorphological reasons that have prevented excessive building expansion and the construction of main roads (which instead run more inland in the Val di Vara). Human activities, and especially viticulture, have contributed to the creation of a unique landscape in which the development of the typical 'dry walls' reaches that of the famous Chinese wall. All this, together with the characteristics of a crystal-clear sea, valuable architectural testimonies, and a network of paths among the richest and most enviable in the Mediterranean areas, has made the Cinque Terre an increasingly popular destination for Italian and foreign tourists. This is not so much the result of a successful promotional campaign as a spontaneous recognition of the uniqueness of a place, its beauty, the pleasure one gets from staying there or visiting it...


From the tourist's point of view: It is important to stress that the Cinque Terre cannot be identified as a classic tourist particular in Manarola and Corniglia everything has remained as it was in the past, not at all adapted to the new tourist vocation of these localities; the life of the inhabitants is only marginally influenced by tourism. This is undoubtedly the strong point of the Cinque Terre: a different dimension, far from the stresses of the cities and at the same time far from the "all inclusive" tourist paradises where everything is carefully planned and organised. Of course, this uniqueness imposes some sacrifices: the difficulty of moving, the inconvenience of parking, the lack of services, the tiring ups and downs... The Cinque Terre are not for everyone; not for those who love (and this is a very respectable point of view) exclusively a comfortable and serviced holiday... we don't want to run the risk that tourists may expect something different from reality; we know, however, that those who really love the Cinque Terre would not want them to be different from what they are!


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