Golfo dei Poeti

The Gulf of La Spezia (also known as the Gulf of Poets) is a wide and deep inlet of the Ligurian Sea coast, which takes its name from the city of La Spezia, located in a central position at the end of the gulf, where there is an important merchant port. At the two ends of the gulf (west and east, respectively) are the villages of Porto Venere and Lerici, both places of great tourist interest. The name "Golfo dei Poeti" (Gulf of the Poets) derives above all from the fact that over the centuries many poets, writers and artists in general have spent periods of residence in the villages of the gulf, struck by the beauty of this "water amphitheatre". Among the many artists who loved this place were the writer David Herbert Lawrence, the writer and painter George Sand, the poet Lord Byron and the writer Percy Bysshe Shelley. The latter had his last residence in the village of San Terenzo, a seaside village in the municipality of Lerici.

The name of the village Porto Venere (Portus Veneris) derived from a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus, located exactly where the Church of San Pietro now stands. The name was probably linked to the fact that, according to tradition, the goddess was born from the sea foam, which was abundant, right under that stack. Or, we like to believe, because Porto Venere was a beautiful and romantic place even then. On the opposite end of the Gulf of Poets from Portovenere is the town of Lerici.


Lerici lies at the centre of a small natural inlet, dominated by a promontory on which stands the imposing castle, now a museum. Almost opposite the main town, beyond the hamlet of Venere Azzurra, lies the village of San Terenzo. The municipality is part of the Montemarcello - Magra Regional Nature Park. Tellaro is the easternmost hamlet of the municipality of Lerici, in the province of La Spezia. It has been reviewed, together with Fiascherino, as one of the most beautiful Ligurian villages in Italy. The village is a small fishing village, perched on a cliff overlooking the Golfo della Spezia. Taking the scenic road, which winds through the olive groves of the Montemarcello Magra Natural Park and the breathtaking views of the Golfo dei Poeti, we reach Montemarcello: an intact medieval village of rare elegance, with a spectacular view, especially at sunset, of the Golfo dei Poeti and home to the botanical garden, the jewel in the crown of the Montemarcello Magra Natural Park.

There is an atmosphere of peace and harmony. For those who love to walk, we recommend the path from Montemarcello down to Punta Corvo. There are marvellous coves, reachable on foot or by boat, where you can relax with a splendid view of the Ligurian Sea.

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